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Prepare your garden for spring

As the weather starts to get warmer, it won’t be long until fresh flowers begin blooming from the once frozen soil. Nevertheless, don’t wait until the first sign of spring to return to your garden—consider the following tips to prepare your garden for success as the season arrives:

  • Take care of your tools—Your gardening materials likely haven’t seen much use during the past couple of chilly months. With this in mind, it’s important to dust off each tool and make sure it’s in proper working order, as well as make any necessary repairs.
  • Organise your shed –  Make sure you have enough fertilizer and soil amendments on hand. Replenish your supply. Try to get this ready before spring arrives so when the weather brightens up you can get stuck in straight away.
  • Schedule your seeds—Successfully plan your crop cycle by ensuring each plant you pick is compatible with your garden area. Purchase seeds ahead of time and take note of which plants grow best in springtime.
  • Secure your soil—Keep your soil healthy prior to planting time by regularly raking it, removing weeds and adding holes to improve aeration.

We hope that these top tips will get you in the mood for when spring arrives and get your garden looking lovely and ready for the great weather.

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