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How Contents Insurance Can Protect Your Possessions

There are many different accidents or natural disasters that can cause severe damage to a home. Not only is the building itself at considerable risk, but so are property and possessions inside. Fortunately, contents insurance can provide extra protection for your belongings.

A contents insurance policy provides financial assistance to help policyholders recoup lost, damaged or destroyed possessions. This type of insurance may include protection for various situations and can often be modified to fit your needs.

Accidental Damage

If property is damaged, contents insurance can help. Some examples of situations in which this protection may come in handy could include:

  • Furniture or clothing damaged by a spill
  • A family heirloom or valuable item broken
  • A wall-mounted television that has fallen from its fixture

Personal Possessions

It’s possible for contents insurance to be augmented to protect your property even in situations when the loss occurs outside your home, such as:

  • A mobile phone or tablet dropped on the ground
  • A bicycle damaged in a crash or accident
  • Jewellery that is stolen or misplaced

There are many ways contents insurance can protect you and your possessions. It’s important to talk to a qualified broker to learn more and determine what policy may be right for you.

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