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Get to know our Branch Manager, Sam!

GR Plimbley, part of The County Group have over 300 members of staff who all participate towards our fantastic local broker ethos.

  • What is your name, job title and location (branch)?

Sam Turvey, Branch Manager of GR Plimbley

  • How long have you been working in insurance for?

I have worked in the insurance industry for around 8 years now, but with County Insurance for four and a half years.

  • What does your job entail?

My job is to oversee the day to day running of the branch, helping to invite our renewals and quote any potential new customers.

  • How did you get in to insurance?

I left university with a degree in forensic science and criminology but didn’t really enjoy it so while I was looking for a job my friend got me a job at Autonet in the renewals sales department, I loved the sales buzz within the call centre environment and since then I’ve always worked within insurance.

  • What is your favourite part of the job?

 Meeting new people every day, your day is never boring.

  • What is it like being part of The County Group?

 Being part of The County Group is great, they have supported me and allowed me to turn a sales job into a career within a relatively short amount of time. It can be challenging but you will always get noticed if you put the effort in which is great.

  • Why should potential customers take out their insurance with you?

Potential clients shouldn’t hesitate to take an insurance policy out through G R Plimbley, myself and my staff have all been working in the insurance industry for many years and provide great insurance premiums but also with a great level of service. You won’t be kept on hold for long periods of time waiting to get through to us and we will try and quote anything that comes through our door or over the phone.

  • Which particular insurance policies/ schemes that are competitive at your branch?

We are particularly competitive with Household insurance, this can be your own home, unoccupied properties, landlord policies and even commercial property owners.

We do of course quote private car insurance, van insurance and motorbike insurance but

We can also provide competitive rates on public liability, shop insurance, caravan insurance, motor trade road risks and combined policies.

Get in touch with Sam for a no-obligation quote for any of your insurance policies, he will be more than happy to help! Give him a call on 01782 512592.

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